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10.0Nicholas George  

Among the highest rated
Lawyers from Avvo, the
world's largest legal directory.
Lead Counsel Rated for Criminal Law and Drunk Driving Defense
Lead Counsel Rated
For Criminal Law and
Drunk Driving Defense
Top 100 DUI Attorneys in Washington State
Top 100 DUI Attorneys
Washington State
Nation's Top 1% Distinguished Counsel
Nation's Top 1%
Distinguished Counsel
Peer Review Rated for Ethical Standards and Legal Ability
Peer Review Rated for Highest Ethical
Standards and High Legal Ability
Top 100 Criminal Defense Lawyer Washington State
Top 100 Criminal Defense
Lawyer Washington State
Top 100 Trial Lawyers
Top 100 Trial Lawyers
Washington State

My Legal Strategy - To Help You Get Your Charges Dismissed

My Legal Strategy - To Help You Get Your Charges Dismissed

My name is Nicholas George. I don't beat around the bush. I am a criminal defense/DUI lawyer who has fought for the legal rights of all kinds of people for more than twenty-two years. We are living in the age of 'Big Brother' government. All too often, law enforcement officers have exceeded the constitutional boundaries established by the federal and state laws. As a result, the presumption of innocence has been compromised and charged persons have been frequently mistreated physically, emotionally, and legally.

At the Law Offices of Nicholas George, we are committed to proactive, pragmatic legal representation for our clients charged with misdemeanors or felonies. Our clients are treated with dignity and respect which means that we look at how criminal consequences affect all aspects of a charged person's life. Our goals are either dismissal, a reduced charge, or a not guilty verdict at trial. If necessary, we are prepared to appeal favorable issues should they be present. Your specific case is very important to us; without competent legal assistance, you could be unduly oppressed in the precarious criminal justice system.

Frequently, the law enforcement officer won't document what you wanted noted and will write incriminating memos designed to assist the prosecutor in charging and eventually convicting you. If you want an aggressive attorney with integrity who will not tolerate police or prosecutorial misconduct, choose me. I don't accept 'spin' for the truth. Nor will I engage in an unethical or illegal defense. However, I will do my utmost to get you the best result under the unique circumstances of your case.

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A DUI Attorney in Spokane who will make You a Priority - For Positive Results, Peace of Mind

A DUI Attorney in Spokane who will make You a Priority - For Positive Results, Peace of Mind

A DUI Attorney in Spokane who will make You a Priority. For Positive Results, Peace of Mind, and a Strong Professional Relationship.

You probably didn't think when you got behind the wheel after the game that you would be restricted from driving. You'd been in this situation dozens of times before and you never had a problem, so why the hassle?

It's not like you hit anything. The officer pulled you over because he felt that you were weaving and then you failed the breathalyzer. Now, you're facing fines, license suspension, maybe even jail time. How did you ever get here, and more importantly, how will you get out of here? Call Nick George, the DUI Warrior. He cares about you. He takes action for you. He gets favorable results for you.

You can count on a top DUI Attorney in Spokane to tell you exactly how you got here and what you're facing from the prosecutor. Nick George prepares a DUI defense Spokane prosecutors won't have a good answer for. It's important for you to reflect on what the consequences could have been this time and what they will be next time if the action is repeated.

The principal attorney in our firm, Nick George, has specialized training in both DUI defense and forensic toxicology. When he takes a DUI case, he generally gets his clients a superior resolution. If you want to win your case and avoid that first, second, or third drunk driving conviction, we are the firm you want to have representing you.

Call or Contact Us via Email, for your free legal consultation, and we will help you get a good DUI defense.

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About Nicholas George - Spokane Attorney At Law

About Nicholas George - Spokane Attorney At Law

Spokane County Spokane Criminal Defense and DUI Defense Lawyer
Call (509) 474-1116 or Toll Free: 844-747-9011 for your free initial legal consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Nicholas George has more than twenty five (25) years of experience defending suspected drunk drivers and other crimes in Spokane county. He is well-known for the innovative strategies he has created to defend your Washington state DUI charge.

Nicholas is featured in Who's Who in American Law, Who's Who in America, and many other periodicals and journals. He has received a rating of high legal ability and the highest ethical standing by Martindale-Hubbell, a nationally recognized evaluation institution for the legal profession.

Since 1991, DUI lawyer Nicholas George has focused his practice on drunk driving laws, traffic and criminal defense. He is a member in good standing of the Washington State Bar Association, and is admitted to practice before the United States District Courts for Eastern and Western Washington, the US Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, and the United States Supreme Court. Nick stays on the cutting edge of drunk driving defense by continually updating his skills and knowledge. He has won several driving under the influence trials by using law-enforcement videos to his client's advantage. He frequently confers with other attorneys to learn about new developments in Washington DUI / DWI defense.

Nicholas has been a private panel attorney for the public defender in several counties and handles DUI / DWI and criminal defense cases throughout the state. He has argued cases before Divisions I, II and III of the Washington State Court of Appeals. As a law student, Mr. George was a judicial extern for Washington State Court of Appeals Division I in Seattle. He has also been the chair of the Criminal Law Committee for the Tacoma Pierce County Bar Association.

Spokane DUI lawyer Nicholas George received his BA degree in political science from Whitman College in 1974. He graduated cum laude with distinction in major course study. In 1979, Nick earned his M.B.A. from the University of Chicago then, in 1989, Nicholas earned his Juris Doctorate degree from the University Of Spokane Sound School Of Law.

Why should you hire Nicholas George?
No Washington state Criminal Defense lawyer will fight harder for you, because Nick hates to lose.. Every client's rights and freedom are at stake in a drunk driving or criminal case. Nick's professional reputation is also on the line.

Nicholas takes the outcome of your Spokane area DUI case personally - your victory is Nick's victory.

Because Nicholas wants the best possible outcome for your case, he is always prepared. He constantly seeks to update his legal skills by taking hands-on state and national seminars, sharing tactics with nationally recognized DUI / DWI and Criminal Defense Attorneys, and keeping on top of law-enforcement techniques and statutory requirements.

AVVO Rating: 10.0 - Superb

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Nicholas George Legal Accreditation's

View more photos of Nicholas George Legal Accreditation's

AVVO Rating: 10.0 - Superb

  • Rated 'Top 100' Criminal Trial Lawyer by National Trial Lawyers

  • Lead Counsel Rated for Criminal Law and Drunk Driving Defense

  • Recognized as a 'Top 100' DUI Attorney for Washington by The National Advocacy for DUI Defense, LLC.

  • American Registry of Outstanding Professionals

  • Who's Who in American Law for Criminal Defense

  • Who's Who in Finance and Industry

  • Martindale Hubbell (very high ability and highest legal ethics; rated 'Superb Lawyer' 10 out of 10)

  • Who's Who in the West

  • Who's Who in American Politics

  • Who's Who of Emerging Leaders of America

  • Who's Who in America

  • Who's Who in The World

  • Swathmore's Who's Who: Legal Leaders and Achiever

  • American Society of Legal Advocates: Member of the Top 100 Criminal Defense and DUI Lawyers in Washington State

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DUI Attorneys Fees

DUI Attorneys Fees

We have reasonable fees for a first time DUI offender, and can make arrangements to fit your budget. All major credit cards are accepted. Cash and personal checks are accepted too.

Most people are concerned about the cost of legal representation when they are facing DUI or other criminal charges. Without sitting down and discussing your particular detail, it is impossible to know how time consuming and complicated your case could be. It is for that reason he cost of your case will be discussed at your free consultation.

Usually flat fees are used. This means that the charged amount will be specific at the onset of my representation. Generally there could but likely will not be an additional fee charged. Our clients have found our fees to be very reasonable given our experience, credentials, and results. However, I must be candid and let you know that if you are price shopping and seeking the cheapest lawyer, you will probably not find him at my firm. Although I am not the most expensive lawyer, I decided that I would not sacrifice quality for volume. In this profession, you simply cannot seek both.

My fees are competitively priced for the Spokane, Washington State charges and most people who want a private attorney can afford me. Moreover, despite my high level of experience, I am still able to work with the overwhelming number of people from different income levels.

Finally, while I prefer payment up front, I sincerely want to be able to work with people of all income levels. Depending on your circumstances, I am willing to discuss payment plans. Generally, this will require a significant down payment and the balance over a reasonable period of time.

Other Aspects of My Fees Policy

Fees are based on the charges, the stage of the case, and the amount of work expected. Costs (e.g. high stationary, phone and fax charges may also be billed to the client) Some people with charges outside of Spokane want to know if they are paying additional fees for me to travel to their court. The answer is NO. For cases in Spokane County, I do not charge additional fees. I am used to travelling around well over 20 counties; its just part of what I do.

All major credit cards are accepted.

Cash and personal checks are accepted too.

Contact Us via Email for your free initial DUI consultation. Walk-ins always welcome.

We have reasonable fees and can make arrangements to fit your budget.

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DWI / DUI Training Programs Attended by Nicholas George

The following are representative of the DUI training courses Mr. George has taken over the years.

Attended National College for DUI Defense

    All Washington seminars relating to DUI and Traffic law:

  • DWI Seminar: 10/26/2008 'Succeeding With Juries: Selection and Persuasion' Tampa, FL

  • DWI Seminar: 10/17/2008'JUST SAY NO TO DRUG CONVICTIONS' Seattle, WA

  • Advanced Level DUI / DWI Training Programs
  • Attended National College for DUI Defense

  • DWI Seminar: 6/14/2008 'JUSTICE FOR SOME?' Chelan, WA

  • DWI Seminar: 10/25/07 - 10/27/07 'GOING ALL IN WHEN THE DECK IS STACKED AGAINST YOU' Las Vegas, NV

  • DWI Seminar: 2/23/07 'DUI's IN A POST-JENSEN WORLD' Seattle, WA


  • DWI Seminar: 12/8/06 'DEFENDING DUI's (Fighting Voodoo Science)' Sea-Tac, WA

  • DWI Seminar: 10/12/06-10/14/06 'MAKING OVER YOUR DUI PRACTICE' Las Vegas, NV



  • DWI Seminar: 12/9/05 'DEFENDING DUI's (e.g. Stop, Detention, and Arrest)' Sea-Tac, WA

  • DWI Seminar 12/10/04 'DEFENDING DUI's (Winning Under the New Laws)' Sea-Tac, WA

  • DWI Seminar: 12/12/03 'DEFENDING DUI's (e.g. Datamaster Debunked)' Sea-Tac, WA

  • DWI Seminar: 12/13/02 'DEFENDING DUI's (e.g. DOL Hearings)' Sea-Tac, WA

  • DWI Boot Camp: 10/25/01-10/26/01 'MASTERING PRE-TRIAL MOTIONS IN DUI CASES' Bellevue, WA


  • DWI Seminar: 3/2/01 'DEFENDING DUI's 2001 (e.g. Cross-Examination of the Breath Test)' Bellevue, WA

  • National College for DUI Defense: 7/22/99-7/24/99 'BASIC COURSE (e.g. Developing Trial Themes, Jury
  • Selection)' Cambridge, Massachusetts

  • DWI Seminar: 12/11/98 'DEFENDING DUI'S (e.g. Cross -Examination of Law Enforcement)' Seattle, WA

  • DWI Seminar: 12/12/97 'DEFENDING DUI's: BACK TO BASICS' Seattle, WA

  • DWI Seminar: 12/13/96 'DEFENDING DUI's - Chemical Tests on Trial' Seattle, WA

Selective national seminars relating to DUI and Traffic law

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Memberships and Associations, Accreditation's & DUI Trainings

Memberships and Associations
• U.S. District Court - Western District of Washington
• U.S. District Court - Eastern District of Washington
• Spokane County Bar Association
• U.S. Court of Appeals (9th Circuit)
• United States Supreme Court
• Washington Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
• Washington Defender Association
• Washington State Bar Association

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Our Law Office is Located in Downtown Spokane, WA

Our Law Office is Located in Downtown Spokane, WA

Nicholas George - Spokane Criminal Attorney & DUI Attorney has law offices conveniently located in downtown Spokane, near Riverfront Park.

Accepting new clients with DUI's, traffic infractions, criminal charges and more.

1312 N. Monroe, Suite 263,
Spokane, WA 99201

(509) 474-1116
Toll Free: 844-747-9011
Fax: 509-315-4355

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Attorney Nicholas George is Relentless in His Pursuit of Justice.

Attorney Nicholas George had the tenacity and fortitude of a Bloodhound as he relentlessly provided the representation that was needed for my son who was being railroaded by the Sheriff's Department and Prosecutor's Office in Mason County.

Attorney Nicholas George's expertise during the trial clearly made the jury's verdict of ''Not Guilty'' the correct decision as he brought up the many issues that clearly demonstrated my son should not even have been brought to trial.

It is with extreme reverence that I unequivocally and wholeheartedly endorse Attorney Nicholas George.
- Gregory, Criminal Defense Client 2013

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Excellent Representation in Spokane County Superior Court

Nick did a good job on my case and was a go getter. But, most of his credit is due to his awesome paralegal Jason! Jason was very polite,helpful,and did not hesitate to answer any questions I may had.He always kept me informed on my case and even answer my call on the weekends.Overall I would recommend Nick as a lawyer.

T.H. County Family Law Client

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Honest Child Support Attorney In Spokane

Mr. George took a case for me that was a little out of the norm. He was honest with me throughout the process and explained things to me every step of the way. He researched every issue and gave me honest and reliable advice.

Ultimately; my case was settled favorably and I am very pleased with the service that he provided.
- Child Support Client 2013

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Undoubtedly the Best Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Spokane

This lawyer is the best. Took my case and got it dismissed. Awesome lawyer.
- Joshua, Traffic Ticket Client 2010

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A DUI Attorney in Spokane who will make You a Priority - For Positive Results, Peace of Mind
A DUI Attorney in Spokane who will make You a Priority - For Positive Results, Peace of Mind
About Nicholas George - Spokane Attorney At Law
About Nicholas George - Spokane Attorney At Law
Nicholas George Legal Accreditation
Nicholas George Legal Accreditation's
DUI Attorneys Fees
DUI Attorneys Fees
DWI / DUI Training Programs Attended by Nicholas GeorgeMemberships and Associations, Accreditation's & DUI TrainingsOur Law Office is Located in Downtown Spokane, WA
Our Law Office is Located in Downtown Spokane, WA
Attorney Nicholas George is Relentless in His Pursuit of Justice.

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Nicholas George - Spokane Criminal Attorney & DUI Attorney

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Nicholas George - Spokane Criminal Attorney & DUI Attorney

1312 N. Monroe, Suite 263, Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 474-1116
Toll Free: 844-747-9011
Fax: 509-315-4355


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