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Intermediate Licenses: Teenage Drivers Can and Cannot Do

If you are a teenage or the parent of a teenager, you are probably aware that the process to get your license is more complex these days. At sixteen and seventeen you can no longer simply receive an adults driverís license. There is a whole process now, where a teenager has to go through a graduated licensing process. This process starts with an intermediate license where teens are restricted to a probationary period. This means with an intermediate license a teenager has more restrictions than an adultís license. It is important to know exactly what these restrictions are and mean for teenagers.

Intermediate Licenses are Governed by 46.20.075

Teenagers may drive if they fulfill the following requirements:
1. The applicant must be at least sixteen years of age and be in compliance with the following:
a) The applicant has to have an instruction permit for six or more months (no less).
b)The applicant must pass a driving test administered by the department of licensing.
c) The applicant also has to pass a driverís education course (that is certified in accordance with state standards).
d) A supervisor (parent, guardian, or employer) has to certify to the department of licensing that the applicant has driven fifty or more hours under supervision. Ten of these hours have to be driven at night. The supervisors have to be twenty one years of age and ad their license for at least three years.
e) The applicant cannot have a traffic infraction or citation pending.
f) The applicant cannot have an offense on their record involving the use of alcohol or drugs during the period that they have an instruction permit.

Once a teenager is eligible and receives their Intermediate License there are important restrictions a teenager and their parents need to know. If not, a teenager can receive a traffic ticket for an unknown Intermediate License Violation. This can result in a suspension of their license.

Intermediate Licenses: Rules and Limitations

Here is what Intermediate License holders cannot do:
1. A teenager cannot drive with a passenger for the first six months. Unless the passenger is over 20 years of age or intimidate family. Immediate family means the spouse, domestic partner, dependent children, and other dependent realities that live in the same household.
I. Even after the six-month restriction is lifted, the teen cannot drive with more than three passengers under twenty years of age or people who are not immediate family.

2. A teenager cannot drive between the hours of 1 a.m. to 5 a.m.
3. Similar to an adult license, it is important to remember that using a cellphone or other wireless devices are not allowed.

Any violation of these rule can result in a traffic ticket. If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager that receives a traffic ticket, it is important to fight the ticket. Contact an attorney who can advise you of the best course of action when fighting a ticket. Call Nick George, available 24/7 at (509) 474-1112.
Here is what Intermediate License holders can do:
1. The use of a cellphone is permitted when calling 911 to report an emergency or illegal acticity.
2. After driving with an intermediate license for twelve-month probation period, then a teenager with no convicted traffic offenses can drive without a passenger or curfew limitation. The teenager has to also be free from accidents on their record where more than one car was involved and the teen was cited at fault.

It is Important to Fight Any Teenage Traffic Ticket

It is important for you teen to be a safe driver. Not only do you want them to be safe, but there can be costly consequences to risky driving practices by teenagers. For one, insurance rate will rise with any driving offenses on their record.
Above all, you must be concerned with the consequence of a suspended license. The odds that a teenage driver will receive traffic tickets are fairly high. This is because teenagers are just learning the rules of the road and become easily distracted. Sometimes, teens knowingly break rules due to feeling invincible or just immaturity. Many times, teens will not take into consideration the consequences of traffic ticket and the higher insurance premiums. Any violations made while driving with an Immediate License can be issued as a traffic ticket.

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Intermediate Licenses: What Teenage Drivers Can and Cannot Do Cont.

RCW 46.20.267 Intermediate License Restrictions

A person using an Intermediate License who violates a traffic offense described in RCW 46.61 or the restrictions on an Intermediate License under RCW 46.20.075 (above) will be subjected to the following:
1. First Conviction: The department shall mail the parent or guardian of the teen violator a warning letter. The letter also includes the consequences for any subsequent violations:
2. Second Conviction: The Department of Licensing will suspend the personís immediate driverís license for six months, or until the person reaches eighteen years of age; whichever comes first. The parents or guardian will receive a notice of the suspension.
3. Third Conviction: The license will be suspended until the person reaches eighteen years of age.

For the purposes of this section: a single traffic ticket for more than one offense constitutes a single traffic offense.

The Dire Consequences of Receiving More than One Traffic Ticket

If a teenager commits two traffic offenses within a six-month period, they face a suspension of their license. This means your teen will not be able to legally drive for at least six-months. On the third conviction they will have their license suspended until they reach eighteen.
Parents are inclined to let their teenagers receive a lesson when it comes to their first traffic ticket. While getting a ticket can be a valuable lesson, there is the danger of later having their license suspended for another infraction. It is harmful not to fight the first ticket a teenager receives. Statistically, teens have a higher chance of speeding or being involved in a traffic collision. Teens have a greater chance of speeding or being involved in a traffic accident. Teens have a greater chance of speeding and being involved in an accident. Many report being under the influence and influence from friends. Over half of all teens admit they drive fast on occasion.
Just because you think your teen has learned a lesson from getting their first ticket, does not ensure that they will not make future driving mistakes. This is why it is vital to talk with your teens about safe driving and put up a fight against those first driving tickets. A teenager losing their license until eighteen can have negative impacts on the whole family. Contact Nick George for a free consultation about your teenís ticket.

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